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If you have a job offer from a Canadian employer, we can help you apply for a work permit. A highlight of becoming a temporary foreign worker is that your spouse or common law partner, and dependent children can accompany you to Canada.
Your spouse or common-law partner is authorized to work for any employer or be self-employed while residing in Canada. And your dependent children are authorized to study in Canada.
A standard work permit process is a two-step process. A pre-step to the work permit application is mandatory and involves the application for an LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assesment).
An LMIA is basically the permission granted to the employer to hire a foreign worker and that the foreign worker must then apply for a work permit.

The purpose of the work permit application is to prove that the particular foreign worker meets the education, work experience and skill requirements for the job position and that he or she is not inadmissible to Canada.

Our services include guidance and applications for LMIA and work permit . Let's us do our job and get you started so you can build your professional carreer in Canada.